3 Reasons Why XRP Is Pumping! — Issue #18

Right now the price of XRP is exploding, and it looks like we have some exciting times ahead!! Today, I’m going to give my 3 reasons why I believe the price of XRP is pumping right now!

Reason #1: Unsealing of Important Documentation

Unsealing of important SEC documentation. Judge Torres is the judge that is presiding over the Ripple versus SEC lawsuit, and she suspects that the SEC is hiding important documentation in this case. She ordered the unsealing of important documentation that may incriminate the SEC! Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming news on this story.

Reason #2: Price Suppression

It’s because of price suppression, the price of XRP reached its all-time high (ATH) back in 2018 and it has yet to go back to that all-time high (ATH). I believe it’s because the price of XRP has been suppressed for such a long time. We will see massive movement in the price of XRP very shortly, especially considering that the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit has taken a turn for the better for Ripple!

Reason #3: February 24th

The third reason is because of a MAJOR event on February 24th. On February 24th, Ripple and Quant are meeting with the Digital Pound Foundation to discuss the digital pound. This thing is a very important meeting because major players are involved in creating this digital pound including Ripple and if that’s the case XRP is in detail.

Let me know what you think of these events!

Thank you for reading and Happy Investing!

Benjamin Saint



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