Short-Form Content— the future of cryptocurrency content creation! — Issue #9

Remember the days of Vine when short form content seemed to be all the rage? Well, ever since it's discontinuation, I didn't think that there would be another salsa media cop two come out with types of content. Now in 2022, it looks like all of the major social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and most notably TikTok have all integrated short form content.

Short-form content is definitely the future of cryptocurrency content creation. As a we ease into a semblance of normality, many people are returning back to the work force and/or commuting back to work. Short form content will be key to providing the world with content that they can consume on-the-go.

So this is the direction that I'm taking with my content. If you click my links down below, you will be taken to my cryptocurrency education videos on YouTube and on TikTok. These videos or all in short-form, allowing you to consume them in under 3 minutes.

What do you think? Do you think that short-form content will benefit you more than long-form content?

Comment your thoughts on these videos because it will really allow me to tailor my content to your needs!





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